Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Oh, So Very Serious Goals for 2012

1. Watch every episode of New Girl

2. Keep a basil plant alive

3. Drink Port out of pretentious glasses

4. Memorize all the words to "99 Luft Balloons"

5. Iron my clothes

6. Play with my cats more

7. Read Harry Potter again

8. Lose 20 lbs

9. Beat the new Zelda game

10. Write a book (This one is a little more serious than the rest.)


BethJ said...

You forgot "Hang out with my gal pal, Beth, as often as I can." :)

jldy said...

Yes! and I love your use of 'gal pal'. :)

Jessica Lindsay said...

And read The Name of the Wind if you need more magic after Harry! And then read Sorcery and Cecelia if you need Harry-meets-Pride-and-Prejudice! And-oh, wait-then read the 17 other books you have on your list.
LOVE your list. Anything including ironing and New Girl equals a great time in my book. :)